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Re: Details of 9 Minute Preview Revealed *SPOILERS*

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Comming has a write up of the first 9 minuets. Not too much is revealed but we do know that the movie is not going to be as dark as many fans fear and that is good news.
So its NOT Khan? That bodes well!
One preview said that Cumberbatch's mystery villain approached the family at the hospital offering "healing abilities" to help with their daughter. Which character, if they are, from the series had those kind of powers or access to them?

EDIT: Admittedly, it did remind me of this, but that doesn't really rule out any other kind of healing powers that could be found in the Trek universe.
Wait. 'Healing Abilities'...............Well, didn't Deltans have healing abilities? Ilia used her healing abilities on Chekov in 'The Motion Picture' after he was zapped through the console by VGer. Maybe the Deltan males are not bald. Maybe Cumberbatch's character is a enhanced Deltan.
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