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Re: VOY Caption This 93; Neutered...

The first thing I need to tell you is that there is no regulation requiring new crewmembers to taste test the Chief of Security's plomeek. Is that understood?

<Tuvok grumbles>

Crewman: Captain, did you lose a watch on the bridge?
Janeway: Yeah, like five years ago. Did you find it?
Crewman: Yes. It was bundled inside these jockey shorts that say "Property of Tuvok." They appear to have been sucked into in this conduit.

Kim: Must you stare at us while we eat?
Neelix: It is a full service dining experience, gentlemen.
Kim: If you hate the owner, don't take it out on us, guy.
Paris: Besides if you spit in the food, you'll never be able to enjoy a meal out again. Believe me, I know.
Neelix: Oh? Did you spit in someone's food? And now that makes you wonder if you're eating spit? Would it help if I told you I spit in the food?
Paris: Whatever. <Continues eating>

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