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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

Yep, another stinker. Pity, as the visuals were top notch. I especially like the water effect at the end, the idea that water would reflect the hue of any sky. And the buildings/structures in the Void were kind of neat.

Too bad we were subjected to that asshole micro corporal again. He's worse than Jar-Jar. He never shuts up. As Christopher mentioned, didn't we go through the whole he-learns-respect-for-droids thing last week? And having him jump around screaming like an idiot for most of the 22 minutes was gut-wrenching.

I was rewatching (and thoroughly enjoying) the season 2 dvds this week. Is it possible that the series is somehow now more aimed at little kids? Is this is Season of the Children? The episodes from season 2 were very sophisticated in story and seemed to have had a more adult flavor to them.

IMO, Season 5 in general (besides the premiere and the finale of Ahsoka's lightsaber building arc) is turning out to be the most unsatisfying season so far.
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