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Re: Did Voyager get better or worse when Kes was replaced with 7 of 9?

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I'm not so sure about any arc of Tom and B'Elanna. Sometimes I get the impression that their relationship came up just to show that they still were on the show. B'Elanna became superfluous when Seven took over her role as the one who could fix anything malfunctioning on the ship and Tom was also shoved in the background when Seven arrived. Both Tom and B'Elanna were better and more interesting characters in seasons 1, 2 and 3.
Superfluous? No way!
"Extreme Risk", "Barge of the Dead", "Lineage", "Juggernaut" & "Muse" are some great character building stories for B'ELenna. I think they did great stories from her, not to mention Roxanne really sold you on the character. Tom was mostly comedic relief but you how the events of "Thirty Days", "Memorial" & "Drive" greatly matured him.

The Doctor did have an arc. But he became much too human with that emitter. He was more realistic as only a hologram.
I also disagree for the simple fact he often believed he was better than us. "Latent Image" and "Virtuoso" way in a was showing us, up to that point he believed he was incapable of making mistakes. One big reason why he bonded so well with Seven. She was the only one he considered intellectually his equal. He didn't want to be human, he wanted to be free and equal. A path Kes put him on.

As for Kes, I totally disagree with the decision to dump her and I find the excuses for dumping her very shallow, to say the least. They should have been honest and said: "We wanted to bring in a sexy babe and had to dump one main character. We were going to dump Kim but when that magazine showed him among the 50 most handsome in their silly inside beauty contest, we kicked out Kes instead". That would have been more honest than coming up with those fairy tales about "not being able to come up with good stories for her". OK, I would still have been angry about their decision but at least they would have been honest.
Yes, I know. We ALL know.
What difference would it make what they said, it wouldn't make you any less disgruntled. Lien herself could've have said: "I quit" and you'd still be upset your favorite character was on the show.
Ghosts need to rest.

I do agree about your statement that the Kes we saw in "Twisted" should have been Kes in season 3 and the Kes we saw in season 3 should have been Kes in season 6. That would have been a better development for the character. I also agree on your statement that season 3 Kes should have been teen Kes, a little more rebellious and bit more of a risk taker.
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