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Re: How many reset buttons?

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What about X-Files, that was a popular and a serialized story that was on the air before Voyager. The thing is the 90s when serialized stories became popular, so Star Trek not getting on board made it seem behind the times.
Comparing X-Files to Star Trek is like comparing Buck Rodgers to Supernatural

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Janeway should have work harder to gain the trust of her crew then Picard or kirk, considering a quarter of her crew is Maquis,
Chakotay destroyed their ship, remember?
So they had no supplies, no food, no place to sleep & no weapons.
Someone honest is offering them all of that and more as long as the do an honest days work...........and this person still needs to gain you're trust?
They were never treated as political prisoners or enemies. Why bite the hand that's feeding you considering you have no other options?
You're 75 thousand light years from home with nothing to your name. What's more important, your political views or a hot plate of food? Isn't that more believable?

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I think the issue is really that there are 3-4 million people who would rather have serialized shows and 20-30 million people who would rather not have to remember things week to week. Those 3-4 million happen to be in the most valuable consumer demographic, so we occasionally get awesome serial shows like DS9 and Galactica.

Viacom wanted Star Trek to appeal both to the 3-4 million who love shows like Galactica and the 20-30 million who love shows like CSI, and failed on both accounts.
How could Viacom want a show to appeal to a demographic audience of shows that weren't in production yet? Voyager was in production well before nuBSG was even a thought.
The show that was Voyager's biggest competition at the time was Xena. Seven's catsuit makes a little more sense from that perspective.
A Tiger doesn't loose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

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