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Re: How many reset buttons?

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Bloodfever was one of the episodes they forbade Garret from participating in.

Even with that guy paired off the episode fiscally, allowing the production team another 27 grand to play with they still had Neelix walking around like Wallpaper?
Star Trek is one of the highest costing shows production wise on TV. They aren't squirreling away money, it's getting spent on other production costs. Contractors and EFX artist ain't free.

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Babylon 5 changed everything.
Babylon who?

I've never heard anybody in the industry say "I'd like to thank Babylon 5 for...." B5 had good story arc's but the writing within itself was sloppy. There were characters in the opening credits that ended up serving no purpose. Deleen went from a women of great wisdom and mystery, too the poodle in Sheradon's lap. I was waiting to see a leash around her neck.

DS9 broke their 1950s cop show paradigm and tried play the long game like... You know the DS9 reset button that really pisses me off still every moment of my life, the first two episodes of season seven, have some really interesting introductions of Dax to all and sundry and then some absolute conflict with worf and I'm waiting for some escalation the next week, but in stead it's Take me out to the Holodeck and they're all buddies playing baseball.
Why would you bring your personal issues to a baseball game?
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