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Re: How many reset buttons?

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If kids were that much cheaper, I'm amazed Voyager didn't enter a section of the galaxy where a weird virus killed all the adults.

The problem starts well before they hire their actors. In the writers room, there has to be some sort of passion where some one says "I have this amazing idea for a character that i really think that we can run with for a couple episodes who... "

And then Berman throws a shoe at them.

Exodus, it's not Jeri vs Jenny, but what did they do with the Cullah/Seska money?
They would have at least 2 or 3 stories written after they soap boxed around ideas. They wouldn't use a story that required that character in any major part, second choice is they'd simply rewrite it into a new character or it give back to a main one. I have a funny feeling Neelix' part in "Blood Fever" was actually meant for a character like Carey. He was totally the cliche red shirt in that ep. I have a feeling that Lindsey Ballard might have been a rewrite character too.
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