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Re: "What we got back, didn't live long.....Fortunately."

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Was watching Star Trek:TMP today and wondered why the transporter could not have been used to save the two crew members after being scrambled by the enterprise's own malfunctioning one...why didn't starfleet simply dump them back into the buffer, and rematerialize them using the last (good) scan of them?
In universe? Because there was a phase variance in the pattern amplification subroutine that prevented the original pattern from reconstituting in time. Or something.

The realistic reason (as in "If Star Trek worked anything like the real world") is that pulling complicated-sounding technobabble out of your ass doesn't usually work. If you're trying to get a piece of complex machinery to do something new, you're going to spend at least three to five weeks either redesigning or reprogramming it and testing it first to make sure it really does what you think it's going to do without exploding or killing people. IOW, "dump them back into the buffer and rematerialzie them using the last good scan" is not a viable option unless there's a button on your console that makes your transporter do exactly that. If the pressing of the "reload original pattern" button doesn't work, you're boned.

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A number of unpredictable things can happen when someone removes the part of the transporter responsible for scanning what's there and neglects to tell the transporter chief not to use the transporter while it's removed.

The TMP crew was among the most incompetent in Starfleet.
At least they didn't accidentally beam them down to a planet without bothering to check if the planet was even still there.
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