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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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^Read the track listings for yourself, as posed earlier in this thread or all in one place here. They list the different versions of the main title that are included in the set. In addition to the pilot versions, there's the "electric violin version" on Season 1, Disc 2, the Steiner-arranged "cello version" on S1D3, the 2006 re-recording of the cello version on S1D5, the "soprano version" on S2D1, an "enhanced stereo" version of same on S2D2, the 2006 soprano version on S2D5, the third-season stereo version conducted by Wilbur Hatch on S3D1, the mono version of same on S3D3, and the 2006 version of same on S3D5. Plus the corresponding versions of the end title on the same discs.
Were the mono versions really different recordings/mixes, or were they just the stereo version downmixed for transmission? I would have expected the latter...
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