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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Kegg wrote: View Post
It basically comes off as 'there are people who care about Andrea but we're okay with leaving Jacqui to die.'
I always forget about Jacqui. Good point about her.

TREK_GOD_1 wrote: View Post
...but this is never explained on camera, so the audience should not be expected to create a zombie physiology that does not exist, or based on collective creative solutions used by other zombie films.
Most viewers wouldn't care.

TREK_GOD_1 wrote: View Post
Dale seem to want to mold her into his fantasy--someone who shared his beliefs (and hang ups).
Andrea was a Civil Rights lawyer. Given that informed background, it makes sense for her to already agree with Dale on a lot of things.

Kegg wrote: View Post
So far as I can remember she never tried to guilt trip him either (but there was a lot of stuff going on about Sophia and it could be a scene has slipped my mind).
Yeah, I'm pretty sure all the guilt Daryl feels about Sophia is self-imposed.
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