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And that's not even covering the Earth Born origin of Shepard which specifically states:

"You were an orphan raised on the streets of the great megatropolises covering Earth. You escaped the life of petty crime and underworld gangs by enlisting with the Alliance military when you turned eighteen."

So not only should the Earth not have a strong Alliance presence, but even the Earth Born Shepard shouldn't really care about it.
As far as I can tell, Shepard DOESN'T care. Not about Earth as such, but about humanity in general, which is a thread that even goes back to Mass Effect 1 with all the talk about "the first human spectre" and later in his willingness to team up with Cerberus -- of all people -- just because the collectors are attacking human colonies. Hell, Shepard even goes on a SUICIDE mission with the express intention of taking down the Collectors and safeguard those colonies.

Besides, I don't think Shepard was quite as emotionally impacted by the fall of Earth so much as he was about the fall of Thessia, or for that matter, the obliteration of that (possibly imaginary) little boy on the way out of Vancouver. Shepard cares a lot more about people than places.

Why do I care about this point so much? Earth is boring, overused in science fiction, and it's not what makes Mass Effect unique.
Which is probably why we never even got to SEE Earth until Mass Effect 3. It's a boring little planet that is otherwise strategically insignificant and only became important when the Reapers used it as their forward command post at the start of the extinction cycle (thus it's slightly less important than Kar'shan, but the Batarians suck and nobody likes them so nobody's gonna rally to save their crappy little planet).

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Yeah, the dark energy plot sounded pretty weak, too. The only thing that works in its favor is it would have actually been part of the story from the beginning, with the games working toward that goal all along, instead of being tacked on after the fact like the "organics and synthetics will always come into conflict!" plot.
To a certain extent, the dark energy plot does begin from the start. ME1 introduces us to the Mass Relays and other technologies, ME2 introduces a particular problem, and ME3 would have combined them together.

Now while I certainly agree that the idea behind it seems pretty awkward (If it's such a big problem, just destroy all the Mass Effect technology!), but I'm certain that if all the original writers had stayed on throughout the series that they would have worked it all out into something better rather than outright abandoning the concept. After all, Mass Effect is in the title. Why not have that play aa major factor in the over all series than being just an in-game mechanic?
Actually, it sort of seems like ME3 was leaning that way from the beginning, at least in concept. It's not hard to imagine that the "destroy" ending would have originally implied destroying all the EZo in the universe and thus removing the Mass Effect forever. "Control" would involve the Reapers forming a race of galactic traffic cops, tightly controlling Ezo cultivation and use for the galaxy's own good. Synthesis would be to convert all organic life forms into super biotics, eliminating the need for all those big dark energy-producing drive cores by allowing people to travel from planet to planet using biotic jumps or using Conduit-style mass relays to travel in person.

Unfortunately, somebody at Bioware got a hardon for Singularity Theory and they decided to do that instead. Go figure.
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