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Re: Did Baltar know Ellen Tigh was ... (spoiler)?

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Yep, I sure did!

Maybe if you cry enough and squeeze out every little pathetic tear you can muster, a moderator will go and add some spoiler tags to my previous posts despite, again, it not being even remotely close to being a violation of the forum, or even without my request let alone permission! Yay!

As a courtesy, of course. Not because it's a rules violation or anything. Just sort of a thing we made up on the spur of the moment just 'cause. So freely editing other people's things is perfectly acceptable behavior, even though there's no reason whatsoever to validate that except some random jerk throwing a hissy fit over a non-rules violation. "WHAA! WHAT IF SOMEONE COMES IN AND SEES IT (even though the forum is all but dead, the episode in question is pushing more than five years of age, and no actual rules are even close to being violated -- but let's just keep ignoring all that)! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAA! Oh, and also, I've already seen the episode and shit. But, still, someone might wander in here -- an obscure, almost dead forum specifically dedicated to a show they know is long over -- and could almost maybe sorta be spoiled a little if they even understood what the fuck the subject line meant. So, yeah. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! OMFG CHANGE IT NAOW!!!!"

Fucking pathetic.

Infraction for flaming. Comments to PM.

ETA: There is no need for further discussion on spoiler rules in this forum. If you still feel you must, then post in QSF, MA or contact the mods of this forum privately. So, back to discussing Ellen Tighe........
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