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I would totally buy a remake of ME1 with ME3's game engine and RPG systems, because the game mechanics were total shit. The fact that they had to scrap the entire thing and rebuild from scratch for ME2 is all the evidence one needs for that.
Or evidence that EA and/or Bioware decided to scrap everything (not just Karpyshyn's story) and make a shooter instead of an RPG in an attempt to expand their sales.
And as a result, Mass Effect 2 is arguably the best of the entire series.

More importantly, it WAS an RPG, to a greater extent than ME1 or 3 IMO. Down to its heart, it's a question to put together a team to perform a stupefyingly dangerous mission, and depending on what you do with this team, you could come out as an victorious badasfully awesome hero, or you could watch your entire team get totally massacred and lay down your life for the cause. Or somewhere in between (say, if you pick the wrong crewmembers for the specialist missions). Even Mass Effect 1 only gave you a choice over whether to save the Council or let them twist in the wind, and ME3 was originally just "What... is your favorite color?"
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