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Yeah, the dark energy plot sounded pretty weak, too. The only thing that works in its favor is it would have actually been part of the story from the beginning, with the games working toward that goal all along, instead of being tacked on after the fact like the "organics and synthetics will always come into conflict!" plot.
To a certain extent, the dark energy plot does begin from the start. ME1 introduces us to the Mass Relays and other technologies, ME2 introduces a particular problem, and ME3 would have combined them together.

Now while I certainly agree that the idea behind it seems pretty awkward (If it's such a big problem, just destroy all the Mass Effect technology!), but I'm certain that if all the original writers had stayed on throughout the series that they would have worked it all out into something better rather than outright abandoning the concept. After all, Mass Effect is in the title. Why not have that play aa major factor in the over all series than being just an in-game mechanic?
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