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Re: Which of the fan videos close to the real thing?

Merry Farrell wrote: View Post
i think the problem i have with phase 2 is the constant recasting of characters. i know its not the fault of anyone, just one of those things that happens with fan films, but it really distracts from the rest of the awesomeness.
Yes, even though people know recasting happens with fan films, people still have a problem with it. But not too many viewers are actually so bothered by the recasting that they will chip in a few hundred bucks to help ensure better reimbursement for our cast as an incentive to make them want to return to our production over and over again. Continuity of the cast has not been a driving factor in our volunteer financial contributions.

As I've said before, it's difficult to find actors (and behind-the-scenes folks, too, for that matter) who will volunteer their own time, travel expenses, and lodging for a couple of weeks, shoot after shoot, year after year.

Phase II, as prolific as we are, is probably more susceptible to this recasting problem than most fan productions. If we had only one or two episodes to our credit, there would be no real opportunity or need to recast roles. But having shot twelve full-length episodes and four short vignettes, we probably encounter the recasting problem more frequently than other productions.

Thanks to everyone for your continued enthusiasm; if we have indeed achieved any level of awesomeness, it hasn't come cheaply.
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