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Take this movie for example-I think Kirk would have thought the Baku were stagnant and not some kind of superior group like Picard seemed to think they were.
But doesn't that paint Picard as the liberal, and Kirk as the conservative? The only time in TOS that Kirk blatantly defied a direct order from a senior officer was in Amok Time. If the Admiral in Insurrection directly told Kirk to go, TOS Kirk likely would have left the Brier Patch. The conservative Kirk was tied into the Starfleet hierarchy.

While Kirk enjoyed fresh air now and again, the life style of a hippy commune wouldn't appealed to him. Certainly not to the point where his personal admiration for the Baku (if any) would have lead him to defy his instructions.

Kirk wouldn't have screwed over the hundreds of billions people in the Federation, to advance his own personal principals.

I think the obvious implication of the end of INS, "review" by the Council aside, is that the Baku won't have to move at all.
I also believe this was the intent of the story.

However, I remember a somewhat similar request in Journey's End (by Admiral Ball-Breaker) for the Council to re-examine one of their decision, that of moving the Native Americans in that episode. The Council ultimately confirmed their previous decision to relocate the inhabitants.

i would like to think that the Insurrection review would result in the Baku openly being relocated, a second collector being constructed, and the rings being used to help people across the Federation, and the some of the particles going to the Sona as well. The Baku would receive the same access as the rest of the people in the Federation.

their culture was unsustainable
A culture of being immortal? Perhaps, but when they first arrived at the ring planet I don't believe that was their aim. The immortality was a surprise.

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