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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Oddly enough, I don't consider saving someone from suicide "fucking with them" or "demeaning" them.
He didn't save her. He guilt-tripped her - and only her (that other people were going to also commit suicide is besides the point). And after that he's seen confiscating her gun and generally treating her like his ward, which she's not. She's an adult and a lawyer, and this kind of infantilizing presumptiveness was pretty uncomfortable.

Presumably, you also feel that Carol is "creepy" and should die. After all, she is an older woman attracted to a younger man and she "fucked with him" and "demeaned" him when she "manipulated" him by appealing to his human feelings.
Carol did actually have a bizarre (and tbh out of character) Lady MacBeth moment when she pushed Daryl to take over from Rick in the season two finale. That definitely qualifies as manipulative.

Other than that scene her relationship to Daryl has never implied the kind of mind games Dale played with Andrea. She's never demanded Daryl give his weapons to her, treat him like he's her non-adult son. So far as I can remember she never tried to guilt trip him either (but there was a lot of stuff going on about Sophia and it could be a scene has slipped my mind).
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