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Re: Thoughts on the Typhon Pact (Cold Equations spoilers)

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The Klingons' policy, that's indeed the question. Their lack of diplomacy and insatiable thirst for war is bordering on the annoying. No wonder they betray the Federation STO.
If you could have some sort of Klingon moral revolution, something that makes the Klingon military caste less invested in incessant war against established neighbours--or, at least, incessant war against powers that aren't going to go away--then the Beta Quadrant powers of the Typhon Pact could fall away.

I hadn't realised until now that the war-like/detente-favouring division line matches the locations in their respective quadrants. I wonder whether this is of further significance?
The Typhon Pact does surround the Federation on most sides, the Alpha and Beta Quadrant powers bracketing the Federation. The Beta Quadrant powers also all have relatively more extensive histories of conflict with the Klingons than the Alpha Quadrant powers: the Klingons may not get along with the Tholians or the Breen, but the volume of blood spilled with the Romulans and the Gorn and the Kinshaya is vastly greater.

If the Beta Quadrant powers fell away from involvement with the Typhon Pact, then it would definitely be weakened. The Gorn and the Kinshaya may not be such big assets--relatively small powers, and exposed powers--but absent the Romulan Star Empire's heft the Pact wouldn't be able to challenge the Federation for local dominance. That said, without the Beta Quadrant powers the three Alpha Quadrant powers that would remain would arguably be more strategically coherent--a more-or-less contiguous bloc of powers, strongly united behind a deep hatred of the Federation.

I would like to read more about the Kinshaya. So far, they've only really featured in The Struggle Within. In addition, we haven't heard much about the Typhon Pact ruling board and space Typhon 1 in while.
The RSE of Kamemor seems uninterested in challenging the Federation or in following the lead of the Pact's aggressive powers. I can't help but think that the events on the Orion homeworld will make things more difficult for the Breen.

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