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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Thanks for all the replies. I saw intrinsical's post first last night, and went for Engineering as the first guy. I assume he's still in Tutorial Mode, as he's currently in what looks like an automatically-assigned Miranda-class (which I named Maxville), rescuing survivors and current orders are to rendezvous with another ship on the other side of an asteroid.

The Engineer's name is Foster F. Fisher. His single-name reference is Foster. The game addresses me as Melkuris, so I guess the address information you need is FosterFFisher@Melkuris. He's currently aboard the USS Maxville. However, I still don't know anything about in-game communications, so not sure how timely I can reply. A crappy keyboard with stuck keys also is causing some problems.

I see references to Zen, which apparently is game currency. Does this have to be purchased, or is it awarded for completing missions? My real-life finances are quite limited if I have to buy a lot of stuff to advance. But eventually I would like to add Science and Tactical officers.

(Useless trivia: Foster F. Fisher was originally a character in a story I wrote in 1972. The Maxville was named for a town I lived in. Zeta Melkuris is a system in a sci-fi universe I began developing in 1998.)
Zen is real world money (how Cryptic finances the game) but you don't need it.
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