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Re: The Problem With Picard

In your first post, you made this comment:

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I'm not saying that I do not like Picard, it's just that I wish he had some hair. Surely in the future somebody would have concocted some sort of hair growth serum? They can travel to distant galaxies but cannot cover the top of the scalp with some form of follicle stimulant?
I was just pointing out that some people choose to be bald, proving the statement with the fact that I myself am one of those people. Then teacake and myself went off on a tangent on our views on baldness. That sort of thing happens, it's normal for a thread to veer so far away from what was in the first post. It's what makes this forum so fun.
"Internet message boards aren't as funny today as they were ten years ago. I've stopped reading new posts." -The Simpsons 20th anniversary special.
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