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Actually, yes, "because there would be no story otherwise" is always a perfectly good reason to ignore plot points.
"We decided to throw away the planned story, and make a third game anyways, and decided that we're too lazy to come up with something that didn't contradict. Enjoy!"
The planned story was even more retarded than the one we got. It basically boiled down to "We're trying to come up to a solution to dark energy killing the universe... so we make all the civilizations in the Milky Way use mass effect tech, which makes the problem worse."
Yeah, the dark energy plot sounded pretty weak, too. The only thing that works in its favor is it would have actually been part of the story from the beginning, with the games working toward that goal all along, instead of being tacked on after the fact like the "organics and synthetics will always come into conflict!" plot.
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