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Re: Sayings that you hate now

^ That doesn't follow even by his argument since it's possible he took the pictures and he obviously created the gif, so he was involved in the creative process.

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What you're saying would render any kind of compliment an insult. Like saying "You have a nice car" implies that they're actually saying "How did a bum like you get a nice car?", when all they're trying to do is tell you you have a nice car, either to make polite small talk or to commend your good taste.
If the car was sentient and had a say in whom would become its owner then you're absolutely right, but if the car is just a thing anyone could have purchased then not so much.
That's a bizarre interpretation of a simple compliment.

Let's say two people have the same amount of money to buy a luxury car. One guy goes out and buys a big ass Hummer, and the other guy goes out and buys a nice understated Lexus sedan. By your rationale, I can't compliment the guy who bought the Lexus on his good taste in not buying a "everyone look at me" gas-guzzling small penis compensation device, because he had no part in designing it. But he still made a good choice out of the options that were presented to him, and I'm complimenting him on his good taste.

Or for another example, someone who maintains a vintage car in good condition can be complimented on his efforts by saying "nice car." He didn't design it, but he was involved in keeping it in good condition.

Even if you don't think it's much of a compliment, it's an incredible leap beyond that to say it's somehow an insult unless it's obviously an expression of shock or sarcasm as I said earlier. It just seems like searching for things to be insulted about that aren't even there or implied.
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