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Season 7 begins!

Fallen: What a great opening. This is just what I wanted to happen in The Eternal Tide, only even though it was a book for godsake they had Janeway returned to human form in her uniform. Because the Q thought she would be more comfy that way rather than naked. Yes it actually said that. Yes I am bitter.

Didn't we once see Rodney naked and dumped somewhere like that in SG:A? No wait.. maybe it was Ryan Robbins in Sanctuary. Yes that's it! Aerial view as well.

But onto the story.. it seemed odd to drag the half retarded Daniel Jackson who can't even remember O'Neill's first name off on this enormous mission. He doesn't know who he is or why he's back which I think makes him a bit of a wild card. The whole mission is kind of whacky but I enjoyed all the Star Wars references and I'm looking forward to part 2!
The Fallen/Homecoming was my favorite experience regarding Stargate SG1, it was shown movie style and there was a Stargate special on beforehand so it was three hours of Stargate. I loved the Star Wars stuff, Carter's explaination of the plan and hand's up for volunteers, Yu's storyline and the attack on Anubis' ship at the end, I even loved the ID4 reference.
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