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Re: Which of the fan videos close to the real thing?

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I tend to agree - except that what I've seen so far of "The Price Of Anything" looks better; I have high hopes for it.
It was pretty fantastic.

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I think all right-thinking people would agree that Star Trek Phase II has the only productions that are worth watching, and that the quality of their productions is due largely to, well, the caliber of the Co-Executive Producers.
What an ignorant and needlessly inflammatory thing to say. I hope there was a joke in there that I didn't catch.
Yes. The joke you didn't catch was that my over-the-top comment was made completely tongue-in-cheek--being one of the Co-Executive producers of Phase II. I apologize if it wasn't funny and came across as ignorant and needlessly inflammatory; I didn't think anyone would actually take my over-the-top comment seriously.
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