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Re: Agamemnon Voyages: The God Particle

Holy crap, they blew up their own moon!

The fact that the Xenarth could do such damage, and still continue their pursuit of the Xendaru particle demonstrates just how dedicated they are to this mad crusade for ultimate power. I loved the obvious parallels to the Praxis tragedy, and how that weighed on people’s minds here.

The diplomatic effort appears to have evaporated in the face of this latest development, and if it comes to open combat between the interested parties, at the very least the Free Borg and their juggernaut warship have been excised from the equation.

Oh, and good call on Maya’s part to avoid telling Glover who she momentarily mistook him for!

What’s the difference between Terrence Glover and God? God doesn’t think he’s Terrence Glover.

Terrific work, you’re keeping me hungry for more!
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