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The Problem With Picard

Definitely his bald head. His un-hirsute appearance. He almost reminds me of the chick from Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979, Robert Wise) who has the fling with uber-slime Decker.
How do we know that the bald chick from The Motion Picture is not related to Picard? They both have bald heads and live in space. They both ride starships and seem to enjoy it.
It seems to me the chance of them being related in some way is pretty high.
No doubt, Spock would think it improbable but he has to be wrong occasionally, right?
What do you mean by ' Spock is never wrong'?
I'm not saying that I do not like Picard, it's just that I wish he had some hair. Surely in the future somebody would have concocted some sort of hair growth serum? They can travel to distant galaxies but cannot cover the top of the scalp with some form of follicle stimulant?
I just don't get it.
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