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Re: How many reset buttons?

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But since you asked...

14 recurring actors in TNG (not counting Majel, Wheaton or Crosby) appeared in more than ten episodes...

and they had 10 characters in TNG(not counting Majel, Wheaton, and Crosby) who appeared in more than 20 episodes.
Assuming (like me) that you're just using IMDB, these numbers are a bit of a stretch, since IMDB lists a number of background performers alongside guest actors.

By my count, TNG had three recurring characters appear in more than ten episodes (O'Brien at 53, Guinan at 28, and Ogawa at 16).

It's been pointed out in this thread that VOY couldn't have recurring guest villains, since they were always on the move; DS9 could.

But that reasoning still doesn't hold up to my eyes. Excluding villains, DS9 had nine recurring characters who appeared in more than ten episodes; VOY had three (counting Seska, who was first part of the crew, and then a villain). Naomi Wildman appears in the most episodes (17), Seska is at 13, and Icheb is at 11. I'm too lazy to type out all the numbers, but DS9 featured (non-villain) guest stars much more frequently.
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