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Modern Trek has proven itself to have far more conservative values than The Original Series did.
I've alway seen the later Trek as the more liberal in it's philosophy, and the "60's Trek as possessing the more conservative values.

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they should incorporate the Baku into the UFP, which would of course give them access to the system's resources
They already had access, whether they will "post-movie" avail themselves of those resources, that the question.

If the Baku were sent to another Federation world, to be incorporated, what would be their fate? Their situation would be similar to when they first arrived at the ring planet, prior to the realization of the rings properties. A new community to build, and a life to lead, this time perhaps with the assistance of their Federation neighbors.

I'm with BillJ on this one. I think modern Trek often contained messages that were pretty at-odds with the more liberal spirit of TOS.(Not including the gender attitudes, of course, which I realize is a pretty big exception.) Take this movie for example-I think Kirk would have thought the Baku were stagnant and not some kind of superior group like Picard seemed to think they were.

As to your second question, I don't see that as a likely scenario. I think the obvious implication of the end of INS, "review" by the Council aside, is that the Baku won't have to move at all. The truth is that their culture was unsustainable apart from the renewing resources, because for an agrarian society, they didn't have the population, and they only had the time to get the work done because of their extended lifespans.
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