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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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And so what if his motives were partly sexual? Is it "creepy" that Rick's feelings toward Lori were partly sexual?
Lori was Rick's wife and those feelings were reciprocal and Rick did not fuck with Lori's head. It's not even remotely comparable. Fucking with someone and demeaning them because you like them but therefore feel a posessive need to dictate their choices and their freedom, assuming an arbitrary, unearned and unasked for status as guardian... yeah.
Oddly enough, I don't consider saving someone from suicide "fucking with them" or "demeaning" them. Presumably, you also feel that Carol is "creepy" and should die. After all, she is an older woman attracted to a younger man and she "fucked with him" and "demeaned" him when she "manipulated" him by appealing to his human feelings. She even propositioned him. Yucky poo.
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