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Re: Any old timers still around?

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Hmm... I can't find my original ID on WayBack, but... Bonzie, you spammer!
OMG...I'd forgotten about that. The race to #1 and 10,000 posts. If memory serves, and I'm sure Rob Hal will correct me, DEA beat us there. Then Rob Hal and I were in a race for the second place. He barely got ahead of me.

But in the end, I won the Spam Queen crown.
That Top 50 list was really a bad idea, wasn't it?

I'm fairly confident that DEA reached 10000 first. I'm not so confident that I reached it second. I had vowed that I would top the list some day, but cleaning up the mess that was the TNG forum was a full time job.

Seeing that archived list brought a tear to my eye... so many names I had forgotten, so many friends from a what seems like a previous life. I really do miss this place.

Except for all the newbies. Old guard forever!
Back in my day, people had clever signatures. Not like this one.
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