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Season 7- Would U Rather Have Seen a Recurring Jadzia or Stick w/Ezri?

In another Trekbbs thread, someone posted a convention report from last year. Apparently, at last year's Vegas Con:

Farrell, who left DS9 after the sixth season, was asked about the DS9 series finale and said she would have been happy to return for that or for a recurring role in the final season, but she wasn’t asked. She also revealed that she was disappointed that Jadzia Dax had to die
My question is this: are you happy with how Producers dealt with the Dax character? That is, are you glad that they killed off Jadzia and brought Ezri along for Season 7 as the new Dax host? Or, would you rather have seen Jadzia Dax stick around as a recurring character or perhaps just in the Season finale?

As Terry Farrell was adamant about leaving the show, I wish that the Producers would have given her a Season 7 reccurring role (Jadzia Dax and Kira Nerys are my favorite DS9 characters) vs. killing her. Since the Dominion War was going on, it makes it seem very plausible that Starfleet could have reassigned Jadzia Dax somewhere other than DS9, even if that meant she could not be stationed with Worf, her husband. Season 7 episodes, like those of other seasons, took place in many venues other than DS9. There was a lot of interaction with other Starfleet ships. The Producers could have very easily have brought Jadzia Dax back for random episodes or just the Series finale.

It makes you wonder – did the Producers decided to kill Jadzia out of spite? Or was it solely for creative reasons? That is, when they decided to kill Jadzia, did they do so solely because they thought that it would be interesting to explore the ramifications of her death on the crew? Or, did they not only want to explore the ramifications of her death on the crew, BUT HAD THEY ALSO already thought about the idea of bringing Dax back in a new host?

**** I have a typo in one of the poll options and Trekbbs won't let me edit the typo. The word "reoccuring" (second poll option) needs to be changed to "recurring" - can a Mod pelase make this change?? Thanks in advance!
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