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Re: TFF: Is it possible they do find God?

Magus on a captrek wrote: View Post
Clearly, The One is not omnipotent.
Clearly The One is not a lot of things, in comparison to some of the beings on Star Trek it wasn't really all that powerful.

It apparently couldn't travel independently from the surface up to the ship, and I got the impression that it didn't know a ship had arrived, or where exactly it was even after being told there was one.

The barrier wasn't so much to keep it in, as keep others (with ships) out. Someone trapped it there long ago, that says something about it's intelligence.

I think the planet looked the way it did because The One had spent it's captivity having a multi-millennium long temper tantrum.

Magus on a captrek wrote: View Post
Sybok and his followers have faith too. Try again.
Sybok's "followers" didn't have his faith, they had Sybok mindraping them one by one to gain their blind allegiance.


I just when through the transcripts of the movie, at no point does the being refer to itself as God. Only others do this. Interesting.

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