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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #65: What a fortunate turn of events!

Bashir thinking; God this meeting is going on for hours! I can't look to my left because Miles doesn't like me staring, I can't look rightwards because the major scowls at me when I eye her up, I can't look at Jadzia because then that will be to obvious. No, I'll just focus on some point on our commander's shiny forehead... Is that a mole I see? God! I don't want to see it! But I'm so tired and this room is so stuffy!

Just take a quick peek rightwards Julian to the major, just one peek, just scratch your hair or something and casually glance rightwards pretending to look at the wall so as to stare at those lovely breasts of the major's...

Kira: What about my breasts?

Bashir: Sorry?

Dax: I think Julian's been daydreaming again.

Odo: Quark in drag?
Kira: That's just wrong, may the Prophets burn my eyes and purge my memory of such a sight!

Sisko: Listen Mr Worf, penile dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed about, I mean Jadzia, she's an understanding woman right? I mean when you and her... you know, it's not so important? Right?
Worf: But how can I live down the humiliation?

Jadzia: We shouldn't have invited both Zek and Ishka to this conference.
Kira: It's disgusting! They're rolling around on the floor making out!
Sisko: Look at all those wrinkles to!
Odo: It's the laughter which really annoys me...
Worf: The two squeak like rodents.
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