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I'm torn between Charlie X or Garth. Garth I think has a bigger fan following than Charlie X. But Garth (IMO) should look older than Cumberbatch appears. If JJ is casting for appearance, than compare Charlie X and Garth to Cumberbatch.

Mitchell does not look like Cumberbatch. And as mentioned before, he would have no need for a handheld weapon.
Of course, the U.S.S. Enterprise crew are all together a bit earlier than they were in the Prime Universe and "Whom Gods Destroy" about a decade further ahead from when Star Trek Into Darkness is presumably set. Knock 10 years off, account for the grey hair as stress and a change in appearance due to aliens repairing whatever injuries Garth had.

Reminds me of First Contact, and all the various attempts to explain how Glenn Corbett and James Cromwell were both supposed to Zefram Cochrane.
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