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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I started with a science captain. I did do a lot of blowing up, but I have had to learn a lot about how to defend myself and outplot/outthink my enemies.

I'm still not that good...but I've got to admit I will always have a soft spot for playing as a science officer.

Science prepared me more for playing as a tactical officer than it did for engineering. My Luna ended up being set up almost like a light escort, meaning I can move around pretty quickly, and keep things in my sights long enough to get them with a cannon (single since scis can't mount double cannons) and dual beam bank, and then turn around and drop a mean load of torpedoes and cluster bombs out the back. (I'm usually going straight at my enemies or running from them, so aside from a few scenarios with multiple enemies coming at me, I only need my one normal beam bank, which is in the aft.) The trick with sci is to learn how to buy yourself some time when your enemies aren't firing at you, make sure you have ample hull and shield heals, and then a few abilities to increase your damage. Certain buffs can blind their sensors or even make NPCs fire at each other.'s not bad, but I get bored easily fighting in my Sovereign because it takes so long to take down my enemies and I can't maneuver as well.
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