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Re: College Football 2012

I agree. Manziel deserved the award over both of the other finalists. Manziel deserved the award over the next 9 finalists. It stands to reason that Manziel deserved the award over all other football players this year, and not because of his popularity, but because he did what the award requires him to do: be the "most outstanding player in collegiate football".

Te'o lost the award (and was ranked higher than he should be) because he really was not that outstanding of a player. He had intangibles, sure. But the award isn't about his intangibles, its about his accomplishments on the field. He only had 9 takeaways, several of which were on tipped passes that he was in the right place at the right time. He did not score a single touchdown on any of those takeaways (which to me is a real travesty). I think had he scored a pick-6 even ONE time, that may have been the fuel needed to push him over the edge and win. But there are special teams players, punt returners, kickoff returners who did more impressive things than Te'o did.

As far as Klein, Manziel had a statistically better season than Klein in every column other than record. Since they play the same position, that's a fair comparison.
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