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Re: Halo 4 & Halo Remastered

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It took 15 minutes to copy the four gigs of disc two onto the hard drive. Then when we tried to start a game, our three controllers didn't work because the gamer profile wouldn't work on the other two. I have no idea how X-Box Live works but we were trying to play the three of us on the same screen.
You can't have the same profile signed into multiple controllers. You need to either create other profiles for the other controllers, or play with them as guests. (I think you just hit Start while on the Halo 4 menu to do so - there should be instructions in the upper right, by the "main" profile's gamertag.)

Mr Light wrote: View Post
Do a lot of games do this now? I've never had to a download a game off a disc to play it in my life. The only time I did it, and it was option, was for RAGE because it was supposed to make the load times faster.
It's the first mandatory install that I can think of (excepting GOTY editions, where the DLC that's now included needs to be installed from disc instead of downloaded from the marketplace). Previous Halo games would cache the maps on the hard drive as they got loaded, though - I can see why they made the technical decision to bite the bullet and have them permanently cached.

That said, I wish that more games would support it (Mass Effect sequels, I'm looking at you) to prevent disc swapping...
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