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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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I've been following the latter discussion, and the upshot of it all is:

All the plot stupidities don't count as plot stupidities if you mean for the movie to be daydream about being the old Bond. Not quite as misogynistic and jingo, a little more suffering hero as well as conquering hero, but the Good Old Bond is Back! Then it's only a question of whether fantasies about Bond, James Bond, get your rocks off or not. Piddling nonsense like logic, morality or mere consistency are symptomatic of people who just don't get it!
Sorry, but for Good Old Bond, SF was way too dark, introverted and simply too unspectacular. I'm fine with plot holes in a movie that's all about fun, as the pre-Craig Bonds were, but they obviously tried to be more than just fun, they tried to be dark, psychological and serious. And with that, I expect a bit more logic involved.
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