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Re: Princess Kate (aka the Duchess of Cambridge) is Pregnant!

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Here it's absolutely illegal to gain private patient information by claiming you are another person.
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Which law? The information was in the public domain, so are you saying that we are breaking the law by actually discussing this? I admit, yes it's rather ethically interesting, but breaking a law, not so much.

Last time I read the BBC regarding this story, no complaints had been issued to the hospital and what happened, not from St. James Palace, not from the Queen or Phil the Greek, not even from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. From all accounts, they were perfectly happy with the way Kate was treated in hospital, yes there will be an investigation, but they happen at the drop of a hat. It's just arm chair quarter backs complaining and moaning when the people actually involved have done no complaining and it's trial by interwebz for the two radio broadcasters who have really done nothing wrong.
that one.
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