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In the video game sequel i think starfleet builds a starbase to protect it.

see, that's what I figured was the answer they'd go with-protection from Starfleet. Which is just asinine-if Starfleet is going to protect them militarily, they should incorporate the Baku into the UFP, which would of course give them access to the system's resources.

And if they're not incorporating them into the UFP, then WHY are they intervening in this issue? I mean, they wouldn't lift a finger to help the Bajorans against the Cardassians, but here they'll devote resources to the Baku's defense.

Our "heroes" ladies and gentlemen-they won't try to stop an occupation resulting in mass oppression, forced labor, and slavery, but they'll go out of their way to protect a small village that's hoarding a valuable medical resource from having to give up their privileged lifestyle.
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