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I never said that Shepard shouldn't care, just that the way the game was written made Shepard act like he/she cared more about it than his/her own homeworld.
They probably did it because only one Shepard type has a homeworld other than earth as the space born one lived on ships and stations.

I did. They ignored their own lore by having Shepard go back to Earth to face a hearing over his part in the destruction of the Bahak system. The Alliance isn't based on Earth; it's based on Arcturus Station. That's where Shepard should have been ordered to go.
And why would they have Shepard's hearing on Arcturus Station other than the fact that its the Alliance's capital, seems weird to only do things like that in one place only.

They ignored the fact that the Citadel is the nexus of the galactic relay system and the Reapers could have simply shut down the entire network, thereby crippling the organic resistance. They had no need to bring the Citadel to Earth "for protection" because the organics would have never been able to threaten it had the writers remembered how their own universe worked.
Well except for the whole being reliant on the Keepers to do their bidding seeing as there probably aren't any manual controls that are Reaper sized and seeing as the Protheans made sure the Keepers would ignore signals from the Reapers thats kind of hard to do.
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