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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Jacqui being left behind is a bit strange, but less so if you accept that the character was created for the show for the single purpose of keeping Dr. Jenner from having to die alone.
If she was, the series executed the idea poorly, chiefly because they have Andrea consider joining her and then getting talked out of it. It basically comes off as 'there are people who care about Andrea but we're okay with leaving Jacqui to die.'

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And so what if his motives were partly sexual? Is it "creepy" that Rick's feelings toward Lori were partly sexual?
Lori was Rick's wife and those feelings were reciprocal and Rick did not fuck with Lori's head. It's not even remotely comparable. Fucking with someone and demeaning them because you like them but therefore feel a posessive need to dictate their choices and their freedom, assuming an arbitrary, unearned and unasked for status as guardian... yeah.

This is admittedly a well the writers draw from for Andrea a little often. Shane was a trainwreck waiting to happen, the Governor is manipulating her in a far more disturbing way - Michonne's been about the only good influence on her life, and Michonne spends the entire season unable to articulate the most basic levels of suspicion to Andrea.
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