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Re: CONSORTIUM: New Star Trek inspired game series

I agree with the perception that the latest Trek movies seem to have veered off from the initial premise of 'evolved Humanity' and peaceful exploration/discovery for the purpose of imposing a more 'action oriented' setting and ignoring the underlying notion of Trek as it began in early TNG.

Its probably because current day Humans have been mostly exposed to the idea that without heavy action, good set of explosions, etc. you cannot make a 'good movie'.
Well, at least, that's how Hollywood seems to perceive things - couple with the possibility that they don't really try anymore.
Most of what Trek did lately was Humans not using technology to problem-solve, but to shoot their way out of most situations... and while I will agree that Trek universe is not populated solely with 'evolved Humanoids' - the amount of hostility presented seems to overpower everything else.

If a certain dose of realism is to be injected, a technologically advanced society that goes out into space is very likely to do so in a unified fashion.
Most of the time, Trek seems to project a notion of a current-day socio-economic system, surviving so far out into the future when it comes to alien races, even though they are technologically advanced.
A lot of people on this board alone (let alone the writers of Trek) have a very hard time wrapping their heads around a non-monetary economic system because it clashes with the system we currently live in.
I mean, WE (in real life) already have the ability to get rid of money and automate the heck out most of the things with the technology we have today (we already had this ability for decades), while majority of jobs are completely unproductive to society in general.

Anyway... I'll have a look at the game you are promoting as it sounds interesting.
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