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Re: College Football 2012

I also like the choice. A lot of people are voicing their complaints, ranging from things like race (which is weird, considering the last three winners were all African-American), thinking Te'o only lost because he plays defense, he only won the Heisman because of one game (vs. Alabama), and just a general disdain for the SEC.

The Heisman has ALWAYS been a popularity contest. Johnny Manziel has been the most talked about player in the country, particularly since after Texas A&M beat Alabama. Personally, I think that win combined with the record-breaking statistics he put up sufficiently qualified him. I'm still bitter about Charles Woodson winning over Peyton Manning in '97, to the point of cheering against the Packers simply because Woodson plays for Green Bay, but what that vote came down to ultimately was whose team won against their fiercest conference foe. Michigan beat Ohio State on the way to a share of the national championship, while Tennnessee lost to Florida (AGAIN!), making Peyton 0 for 4 against the Gators. There's no way Woodson would have won otherwise. As for last night, the award was Colin Klein's to lose... and he lost it as soon as Kansas State lost to Baylor and he had his worst game of the year in terms of individual stats.
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