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Why do people assume Silva would plan the sequence of events every step of the way when it seemed like his organisation was much more powerful/wealthy than it first appeared and he had multiple plans put in place throughout the world to service his insanely egotistical plan of hugely humiliating M in the media spotlight before killing her?
Because we watched the movie. And it was his plan to get captured. It's not an assumption.
That was Q's assumption in the heat of a crisis when he saw Silva's escape plan on the laptop. And if Silva was locked inside a normal cell (and not that space aged fish tank) I assume dozens of his men would've stormed the MI6 bunker instead to get him out.

And if Bond was vitally important to Silva in his mess of a plan how come Silva carried on with his plan to undermine the Secret Service and M after Bond was pretty much confirmed dead by M (and also informed by his henchman who stole the hard drive McGuffin and grappled with Bond)?
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