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Re: Before & After/Year Of Hell relationship

Google word search disagrees with you sir.


Have you ever wondered if Anorax was purposely hovering before the launch of the temporal weapon, afraid of some competition, even though the tech level of the Krenim was constantly changing that more temporal weapons weren't also leaving the universe to destroy their enemies at unpredictably accelerated timetables?

Maybe the weapon doesn't launch until 2380, or he sabotages any competition in it's infancy? Surely his wife's destruction means that he too is dead if they were living together happily? As if "time" personally would taunt Annorax like that! there was some agent making him chase his own tail while guaranteeing that there is no council of crosstime Anoraxes dividing up the universe into duchies.

However without the first target, the Rilnar to tackle maybe the following universes didn't have the same drive to invent a temporal weapon so devastating like the "original" universe Annorax came from?

Consider... If someone removed the Jews in the 17th century, would the NAZIs have risen to power so easily or quickly or at all without such a convenient scapegoat? But then really, for their needs, almost anyone would have sufficed to fill the Semitic vacuum.
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