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Re: 3 engine rooms in the TOS Enterprise's engineering hull?

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Could this monitor screen be a diagram of the warp engines and reactors?

Would be interesting to see if it were possible to give those screens a practical meaning.
That screen is when Chekov is asked to look at helm and navigation control so it is unlikely warp engines and reactors.
True... but it seems to me that I read someplace that that particular screen was designed by Jefferies based on the fuel schematic to the plane he flew in the war (or maybe the hydraulics of the plane?)

It's symmetry suggests to me that it may have to do with the engines (there being two of these... and they're symmetrical). Perhaps this is a monitor of the engines and reactors, but also includes information which is related to the ship's navigation capability?

I dunno, but it is at the Engineering Station and seems symmetrical..... I like engine diagrams...

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