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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I don't know were the shortcut cheat is on the race, but if you run it as the spider you will do well. (8 wheel drive...)

If you are sliding off the track, hitting C (crouch) will slow you down. Also double tapping A, W, or D will cause you to roll while breaking your momentum.

I have arthritus and carpul tunnel so have to figure out ways to win the race without full dexterity. You only collect the autographed pics if you win.
The race doesn't actually require much finesse. Make sure you've got mouse look enabled so you can easily use you mouse to orientate your character. That would cut down on a lot of button mashing trying to turn your character in the right direction. All that remains is to run and occasionally use sprint when you know you have a long straight path ahead.
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