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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #65: What a fortunate turn of events!

O'Brien: Ok now the orcs are attacking.
Kira: Come on, do we have to do this?
O'Brien: You had a crystal dragon. I get orcs.
Dax: War-Hammertime! Break it down!
Bashir: I cast a pox on myself.

Odo: If one of you ne'er do wells photoshops in a penis rock I'm running you in!

Look, I'm sorry Mister Worf, but the role of Maria went to Doctor Bashir.

He is not even female!

What can I say? He nailed it. Better brush up on your snap-fighting.

Sisko: So...nobody remembers the combination? Sigh. We need a choreographer.

Flap, shuffle, ball change, pas de bourre, pirouette

Double wings, tap springs,

Fish flop, flap flam, shuffle ball change

Arabesque, cabriolet,

Cincinnati Cincinnati

Left-right shooter, left-right shooter,

Barrel-blow, barrel-blow,

Jazz hands!

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