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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

I just finished this book and I'm so overwhelmed with emotions.

Joy and happiness that Data, or a new form of Data, is alive again.

Grief over Jasminder's senseless death (I, too, was reminded of Tasha).

Anger over Emil/Flint/Akharin stealing Juliana's love from Noonien, or rather, I felt Noonien's ardent jealousy.

Pride and admiration over Noonien's second life story and ultimate sacrifice.

Surprise over Data's decision to not rejoin Starfleet but to start a different life.

Shock and curiosity at Data's decision to search for answers that could revive Lal.

This was a thrilling story, a fascinating character study for Noonien Soong, and an incredible continuation to one of my absolute favorite Star Trek novels, Immortal Coil. Seeing Noonien's second life, driven by love for Juliana, for Data, for B-9, for his "miscarriage" prototypes, for even Lore was a wonderful experience to read. I was less enthralled by the typical runabout, but it was a necessary means to an end: The revival of Data.

Even though I predicated fairly early on how Data would return, I was nevertheless excited and thrilled to read the moment come true. Noonien's farewell and sacrifice left me in tears as did Data's farewell to Geordi and his life with Starfleet. I can't wait to read Silent Weapons (good thing I already have it) and I hope Will and Deanna have at least a cameo so we can see their happiness at Data's return.
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